Of the Botswana premiere, Pauline McLean, BBC Arts Correspondent writes:

Lady Macbeth - played by Tshenolo Segokgo - is wonderfully entertaining, flirting and plotting among the baboons and her aria Do Not Fear To Close Your Eyes is one of the most memorable and moving of the show. Tshenolo is one of the few singers in the show who is actually pursuing a career in opera, having just finished a two year course at a French conservatoire. Lizibo Glenn Simon rises to the occasion with a Macbeth which captures beautifully the shallow arrogance of his character, goaded into action by his lady. The chorus too provide some wonderfully moving moments, not least in the aria they sing on the death of Duncan, a soaring heart-felt song which shakes the tin roof with its final anthem - "oh great Kalahari, oh wide Okavango, oh Africa".

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